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Additional Information

  • Who should come?

    Corporate Venturers

    University Venturers

    Government Venturers

    Venture Capitalists

    Entrepreneurs wanting to meet investors

    Anyone interested in working with venturers or understanding more about them


    Why should I come?

    To meet people who can help you to succeed in this complex and changing venturing environment

    To learn the latest trends and thought-leadership – be the one in the know in your organisation

    To attend the Global Corporate Venturing Powerlist Dinner and meet industry giants when they receive their awards.

    What will I learn?

    You will learn the answers to many questions, including:

    In what ways does the Triple Helix create a better mode of coordination to enhance productivity, output and innovation, and what are the challenges to universities, businesses and government?

    How is the Triple Helix building innovative markets and networks, and what are the challenges to open innovation, demand and business models?

    The Triple Helix is creating more innovation-friendly financial institutions but what more can be done by banks and others to drive innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in SMEs?

    How does the Triple Helix enhance universities as interactive partners in our innovation systems, and what are the challenges to the absorptive capacity of academic knowledge within firms and by other users?

    In what ways does the Triple Helix enhance skills for innovation, and what challenges to management and leadership skills lie ahead for high growth firms?

    How can public action drive innovation in the private sector, and what are the challenges to public procurement, as well as intellectual property management and IPR policies?

    How does the Triple Helix enhance place-based innovations, and what is the role of local innovation systems and local key institutions to build and accelerate regional clusters?

    We look forward to welcoming you.