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Bradley Rotter, Rivetz

  • Bradley Rotter, co-chair Rivetz and is former chairman of AirPatrol, acquired by┬áSysorex by in April 2014.

    Bradley is a visionary investor who has pioneered investment in many new alternative investments classes beginning with Hedge Funds in 1982 while speculating on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He traded Government Bonds for EF Hutton on Wall Street before returning to Chicago to the Board of Trade.

    Bradley moved to San Francisco in mid-1980s to be close to the technology fountainhead of the Bay Area. He is best known for famous quote in 1995: “This internet thing is going to be big.”

    Bradley was awarded the Investor Dealers Digest Private Deal of the Year Award in 1996 for an innovative securitization which precede an IPO on Nasdaq Bradley has made numerous VC and PE investments, with a particular focus on internet and technology and spanning from hedge funds to satellites.

    After 9/11, Bradley began to concentrate his efforts on leading and investing in companies that impact the security of the homeland. He also drives his friends crazy by always wearing the same color as the current homeland security threat index.