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Erik Vermeulen, Senior Counsel Corporate, Philips, and Professor of Business and Financial Law, Tilburg University Law School

  • Erik Vermeulen is Professor of Business and Financial Law at Tilburg University and Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC). He is also Senior Counsel Corporate of Philips (a technology company) in the Netherlands.

    Much of his current research focuses on the life cycle of a company Рfrom idea to fully mature company, the sources of capital available at each stage of a company’s development, and the importance of collaborations and partnerships with other firms and institutions to ensure innovation, growth and value creation. In the context of the corporate life cycle, he also examines international trends in corporate governance and the development of company law and securities regulations. Furthermore, his research focuses on financial markets and innovation policies and ecosystems.

    His work has been widely published in top journals and books. In 2006, he became the Director of the International Business Law LLM Program at Tilburg University. He teaches courses on corporate governance, venture capital, entrepreneurship, joint ventures and company law. He serves as a Vice President at the legal department of Philips where he advises on corporate governance issues, including the global structure of the Philips group of companies, corporate law, corporate venturing, international joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, he has worked on national and international projects with organizations, such as the European Commission, the OECD, the Dutch Development Finance Institution, UNCITRAL and local governments in the Netherlands, concerning financial markets, venture capital and innovation ecosystems, corporate law, and corporate governance of listed and non-listed companies.