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 James (Jim) Spohrer, Director IBM Global University Programs

  • James (Jim) Spohrer is Director IBM Global University Programs and leads IBM’s Cognitive Systems Institute.

    The Cognitive Systems Institutes works to align cognitive systems researchers in academics, government, and industry globally to improve productivity and creativity of problem-solving professionals, transforming learning, discovery, and sustainable development.  IBM University Programs works to align IBM and universities globally for innovation amplification and T-shaped skills.   Jim co-founded IBM’s first Service Research group, ISSIP Service Science community, and was founding CTO of IBM’s Venture Capital Relations Group in Silicon Valley.  He was awarded Apple Computers’ Distinguished Engineer Scientist and Technology title for his work on next generation learning platforms.  Jim has a Yale PhD in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence and MIT BS in Physics. His research priorities include service science, cognitive systems for smart holistic service systems, especially universities and cities. With over ninety publications and nine patents, he is also a PICMET Fellow.